The earliest proven information I have on my Bruce line is the marriage in Edinburgh of William Bruce and Janet Millar on March 16, 1808. The record of their marriage states that William was a taylor, and that Janet was the daughter of the deceased James Millar, ship's master, Wick.

After extensive searching, likely parents of both William and Janet were found residing in Edinburgh.. That was the conclusion until ithe 1851 census disclosed that they had been born in Bower, Caithness. To date, their births in Caithness have not been proven.

In the 1841 census it is shown that three children, James, Henry and Catherine were living with William and Janet, but no further information on them has been found.


My Birnie line begins with James Birnie and Janet Weems who were married March 20, 1729. I am quite confident of their place in the family tree. I do have information leading back from James Birnie to a Johnne Birnie, born about 1585 in Aberdeenshire who was reported to have married Janett Falconer on November 16,1604; however, I am not comfortable with the reliability of that data, and I have excluded it pending further research. I am fairly confident of the Cheyne family line that extends back to about 1620.


The Warren lines starts with Edward Warren, born about 1680, who married Elizabeth Chamney. Although not researched personally, I have substantial confidence in the source of the data.

The earliest mention of the Warren family in Co. Wexford is found in the Acts of Settlement and Explanation in which John Warren is set forth, in 1668, as having 6196 statute acres in the Baronies of Ballagheene and Gorey. He was a major in the Honourable John Tothill's regiment, sent to Ireland to fight against the rebels by the Parliament of England. He was the third son of Thomas Warren, descended from the Warrens of Poynton and Stockport, Cheshire. (The Rev Thomas Warren - A History and Genealogy of the Warren Families - 1902)

That information bears some consistency with the family history known to my father-in-law, Henry Warren, who told me that it was his understanding that the first of the family to come to Ireland came as part of Cromwell's army. Cromwell invaded Ireland in August 1649.